Sock-hops.com is a way to meet people in person. How did Daddy-O meet Mommy-O? Back in the nifty fifties we didn’t have any of the newfangled technological advances of today. Back then people almost always met their friends and partners in person. Groups of people would gather at dances, drive-ins and diners. They might get together with friends and friends of friends to play cards or for a friendly neighborhood game of softball.


Sock-Hops.com is not just another dating site.
Of course, you may meet someone to date when out with other members of Sock-Hops.com, but really, Sock-Hops.com is a people-meeting site, where you meet other people in person.

Let’s say you’re new in town or you would just like to have more friends. You could find ways to meet new people around a variety of activities. But, would you know who else will be there, in terms things like of age range, gender, sexual orientation and marital/relationship status?

Sock-Hops.com is different from other people-meeting sites in that everyone’s primary interest as they are engaging in activities together is that they want to make new friends, not only enjoying eating out at great restaurants, climbing rock walls, going on day-hikes or learning new things. When you join Sock-Hops.com you will be doing fun things with other people who want to meet you, too!

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